To reduce educator and student stress through consciousness-based education tools
Reducing stress diminishes teacher burnout, improves the learning environment, and encourages a love of learning in students.
To improve the learning environment for educators and students in Stark County, Ohio.
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Try Meditation

To say that I stumbled on Transcendental Meditation™ (TM) wouldn’t be totally accurate. I really don’t remember the moment I chose to Google the topic “Transcendental Meditation,” but that was truly the moment my life changed.

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Reduce Stress

My wife has been asking me to take a yoga class with her almost since the day we got married.  She was doing yoga, feeling good, and looking great.  But there was no way I was going to yoga class.

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Feel Valued

Feeling valued is a fundamental necessity of human life.  We all want to feel valued in some way.  The more valued we feel, the more likely we are to pay it forward.

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